In this futuristic world of autotune and overproduction, the integrity of live music is often left to acoustic sets and “stripped down” recorded sessions. It is in these intimate settings that bands can show their raw talents. This was the type of rare treat that the audience at MilkBoy Philadelphia was graced with on Wednesday November 5th. The first night of hometown band – The Fleeting End’s – four week residency.

For those unfamiliar with The Fleeting Ends, they are a three piece from Philly that blur the lines between pop and rock, British and Stateside influences, adulthood and boyish charm all in one easily digested package. The band is made up of lead singer and guitarist Matt Vantine, drummer Matt Amadio and bassist Rusty Langley. They have two albums under their belts, a self-titled debut and 2013’s “Our Eyes Are Peeled.” Since their second release, they have been hard at work writing new material and tightening their sound. This four week residency is a way for them to test out new tracks as well as lead up to the release of their next single “Can’t Say No.”

The standard rock band setup usually features four members. Two guitars, a bass, a drummer. However, The Fleeting Ends are far from formulaic. Their rounded sound seems impossible from just three people, but through pure talent and synergy that comes from playing music together for years they are able to flawlessly recreate the larger than life sounds on their albums and bring them to the stage. Seeing them stripped down and acoustic isn’t as rare an experience as it is for other bands, but that doesn’t take away any of the excitement. The softer sounds of just an acoustic guitar, acoustic bass and a tamborine allow Vantine and Amadio’s harmonies to come together unadulterated. Their voices were meant to be layered with one another, something usually found more often with siblings.

When amped and electrified, TFE songs have a way of convincing the listener that they are happy-go-lucky pop ditties but Vantine’s lyrical subtleties carry the notes of melancholy found in 20-somethings who are just trying to figure things out. The earnest emotion is laid out in front of the audience in a relatable package that makes it easy for them to transcend demographics. This is music for any listener. There is a song for everyone in their arsenal. Even if you think you figured things out a long time ago.

On Wednesday night, the setlist found a nice balance between old and new. “Our Eyes Are Peeled” favorites “Elaine (Until Now)” (which was featureed twice on Showtime’s Shameless) and “Little People” (featured on MTV’s awkward) fell inbetween old tracks like the dance number “Return Address” and new tracks that were being tested out “Once Removed” and “Chances.” Their set showed that even though they have taken a break from live shows these past few months to focus on writing, it has paid off. They are back, and they are better than ever.

The Fleeting End’s residency at MilkBoy continues every Wednesday for the month of October. While there are no more acoustic sets scheduled for the residency, there is more new music and more surprises to come. It won’t be long before The Fleeting Ends is the band name on everybody’s lips.

Article by: Erin Browne


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