Winter storm Juno set to hit NYC Monday and Tuesday

On Monday morning, Mother Nature is going to blow her load all over NYC.  It won’t be quick, and the damage could be crippling.  Winter storm Juno will be rolling into the tri-state area around 8am Monday morning and dumping the majority of her load Monday night into Tuesday at a possible rate of 2 inches per-hour and winds at 40-50 mph.   Total accumulation ranges anywhere from 1 to 2 feet.


Expect to see a lot of this:


Definitely some of this:

Hopefully some of this:

It wouldn’t be a winter storm without a little bit of this:

We can only hope we get lucky enough to see this:

We’ll definitely see a bunch of this:

Most likely we’ll see this:

And maybe we’ll even see this??

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    Time to stock up on the whiskey!

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