This past November, during a slightly windy and overcast afternoon that remained beautifully picturesque in the way only New York City can, Zella Day performed “Sweet Ophelia” on the roof of the Rivington Hotel during a private Whiskey Session and let us in on what felt like a secret. Romantic, gently sung and swung at you like the hips of a Lebanese dancer, Zella’s performance of “Sweet Ophelia” is reminiscent of a ride through an empty interstate where promises are forgotten and youth lives in between bliss and foreverness. “Sweet Ophelia” swoons the listener into a calm and meditative state, mirroring the effects of Mercury transiting in Taurus, evoking a strong usherance of loving nostalgia in the Olfactory.

The intimate setting on top of the roof with Zella and her guitarist generates a modernized free-love vibe that reverberates over the screen and into your own technological world. Originally from Pinetop, Arizona she has made it all the way from New York to California and back, performing at top venues on both coasts. Zella Day will be performing at the Big Gum festival in Tampa May 8-9th 2015 with The Strokes, Pixies, Hoizer, Passion Pit, Ryan Adams, TV on the Radio, and James Blake headlining. To find more information on Zella Day and her upcoming shows check out her tumblr here.

Video: Standard Production

Article: Marissa Mireles

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