Lucette’s debut full-length album is one that creatively mixes classic country roots with modern folk and Americana styles. While the theme of the album may be a darker spin on those classical country themes, her strong and hypnotizing vocals are a warm layer on top of dissonant musical elements.

There’s a mixture of mystery as well that seems to set the tone from right out of the gate with the opening track being very reminiscent of The Beatles “Can You Take Me Back”. That old meets new can be heard going back and forth throughout the album in the more traditional “Poor Sweet Me” and “Fly On” as opposed to the more fresh sounding “River Rising” and the Americana-esque waltz in “Dream With Me Dream.” Musically there is also great tone quality like the perfect fitting contrast of the fender and whammy usage to go with the 12-string acoustic on the haunting ballad “Able May.”

Of course no modern artist creating out of an older style would be complete without modern influences. You can hear Norah Jones in “Fly On” or Beck in “Muddy Water.” You can even find a radio-friendly single in “Fields of Plenty.”

The album ends with a full-bodied “Utah,” which in my opinion is the best song on the album. As the song explores all the best uses of the instrumentation provided. There’s no spot unfilled, as each of the three minutes and twenty-seven seconds are filled with great music.


Whiskey Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Shots

Watch the video for “Bobby Reid” below.

Article by: Tom Shackleford


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