The shimmering backdrop of fairy lights made Bourbon and Branch feel more like an Indiepop Prom than a bar in the Northern Liberties neighborhood of Philadelphia. The headliners of the night were Suburban Living, a Philly band currently holding a residency at Bourbon and Branch with support from Tutlie, however the real excitement surrounded the opening band Mercury Girls who were taking the stage for the first time.

Mercury Girls is the new project of Adrianne Gold (Catnaps, Tender Vision) and Kevin Attics of Literature, so while it may have been their first show under this moniker, the four-piece isn’t made up of strangers to the stage. The shimmering synth and nostalgic C86 infused melodies set the tone for the night nicely. With Gold’s fluttering vocals layered over and complimented by Attics’, Mercury Girls are exactly what the 80s should have been. Earnest melancholy wrapped in a glittering Indiepop package delivered by female dominated harmonies.

With only two demos released on Bandcamp and only a handful of shows lined up so far (the four-piece plays Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn on April 17th) there is still a relative level of mystery surrounding Mercury Girls. However, with a first show that strong, I hope there is much more to come from Philly’s new indiepop outfit.

Check out Mercury Girls on Bandcamp.

Article by: Erin Browne


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