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For all of you fans of Bruce Springsteen, John Mellencamp, Bob Dylan, and other famous artists that sway Americana, you will have a sincere appreciation for The Furious Seasons. This is the kind of music that makes you proud to be an American. It’s the kind of music you want to listen to as you enjoy your Fourth of July barbeque, in your American flag button-down shirt, with a cold Bud Light in your hand. While The Furious Seasons are clearly reminiscent of that wonderfully rich folksy pop sound, they modernize the genre, while still maintaining what makes it so special and so great.

The album’s opener “Southern Night” doesn’t waste a second introducing you to rich vocal harmonies followed by a booming band sound. It’s upbeat, fresh and very tightly played. David Steinhart warms us up with his sweet vocals, backed by a full harmony. This folksy, country tune is melodious and fun. The breakdown is very Mellencamp-esque, as it features a slight twang of the acoustic guitar. “Southern Night” is like an anthem of sorts. Another anthem-like track is “Full Disclosure,” which brightens the album with the gorgeous horn section. The song has more of a modern sound than “Southern Night,” but that only goes to show that The Furious Seasons can write an eclectic album that crosses time periods in sound and craft.

I really appreciate the more down home tunes on the album like “Fooled By The Bottle,” “Bad Man,” “Want Me Too,” and “Wind Blown,” among others. “Fooled By The Bottle” is a song written to that ever-problematic bottle we all know. It’s catchy and most definitely leans towards the country side of things. The lyrics are relatable, as we’ve all had that night of drinking where we might have consumed more than we remember. Steinhart sings, “You’re always here with me, but clearly not my friend; fooled by the bottle again.” In that case, we say: blame the booze! But in all seriousness, please drink responsibly, folks! “Wind Blown” has a clear down home vibe, but what makes it a standout for me is the pure sounding vocals. The lyrics are heartbreaking, and you can hear that genuine quality in Steinhart’s voice. The slow, country-folk song sits on the likes of a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar, and the instrumental melody allows the vocals to take a front seat. The lyrics state, “I don’t want to stay here knowing you want something more. And I am not the one, I’m just someone who came before.” It’s always those downhome country songs that really know how to break your heart in the most beautiful way.

The album is full of heart, soul, and everything in between. The rich and catchy melodies and the warmness of the Americana, folksy and country undertones create a distinct flavor that is great for the upcoming summer. While “Understood” and “Here” resonated with me in a big way, my favorite song on the album, by far, is “Perfectly.” It’s sweet and melodic. It’s a simple love song, but it’s some of the most honest story telling I have heard in song lyrics in a long time. The lyrics depict someone he loves, and the metaphors are powerful, enhancing the means in which we are affected by the melody. “I know one thing completely. You are the one thing that I did perfectly.” He takes his time to sing the chorus. There’s absolutely no sense of rush to it, and that’s how love should be. It’s how life should be too. The message of this song is one that needs to be heard way more often; Holstering your happiness and letting it ruminate in your life is the only way to live and love right.


Article: Alex Feigin


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