“My dog’s got a problem…he’s good at smelling his own breed,” is how this trippy and adventurous video begins from the Bushwick band known as Color Tongue. We don’t actually get to see the “dog” until the very last frame, but the video in between those points is pretty whacked out, and we love it.

From start to finish, the video works perfectly with the song’s guitar laden structure and rolling bass-line that accentuates the frenzied lyrics. In essence, this is a work of art on all levels, that sometimes reaches epic psychedelic proportions when the band rages all together. We don’t know what it all means, even after watching it a dozen times and won’t speculate, but ask you to take a walk with Color Tongue and figure it out for yourself! We think you’ll dig it.


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7/3 – Brooklyn, NY @ Kings County

8/8 – Philadelphia, PA @ North Star

8/11 – Brooklyn, NY @ Don Pedros


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Article: Shayne Hanley




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