With sunny days ahead, we’re super excited to premiere Katie Schecter’s video,”Another Guy.” This video is pretty much adorable, with Katie hanging in a messy apartment while strutting around and singing about a boy she’s so over and done with.We’ve all had that at some point. Katie just released her first solo EP and is also half of the very awesome, The Henry Millers. With some chill and poppy vibes, this song will put an extra pep in your step.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29, when asked about why music is a risky art, Katie said – “Music for me, is writing for myself and really trying not to write for other people. Not that I don’t want other people to appreciate my art, but I want to take the risk of staying true to myself and hope that people will respond and relate to that. The more you can let someone see inside your soul — like the pit, pit, pit — the truest you can be in your art form.” We’re looking forward to hear more of Katie.

“We shot this in a day. Just Katie and I in her apartment. We didn’t question anything, it was just a fluid crazy good process. I was like Katie you are the beauty queen daydream girl next door. Go find an outfit. Now I’m going to turn your music room to look like a teenage boys practice space. She came back in and fit the set completely. Then we made a magical video.” – Serena Reynolds – who directed, shot and edited the video.


Article: Karen Silva


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