The Rad Trads released the video for the first single, off their debut album, Must We Call Them Rad Trads. “Keith Richards and I” is a humerous and up-beat confessional of a man who goes out drinking, sells lies all night and wakes up hung over “with his boots still tied on tight.” The biggest lie he peddles is that he’s making a record with Keith Richards and the best part is, he has no qualms about the lie.

The video is layered with sarcasm, wit and humility. If you’re looking for a deeper meaning stop because the song and the video are all about fun.  Directed by Kelly Teacher, the video opens with a view of a small stage on the side of the river. As the camera zooms in, you see the band dancing in ‘70s costumes and furs straight out of Austin Powers. Michael Fatum, Patrick Sargent and Sam Crittenden shimmy shake with one another, while Michael Harlen plays the bass with gloves on. If that’s not enough cross-dresser groupies storm the stage at the chorus and act as a muses’ choir throughout the song.

Aside from the comedy of the lyrics and video, the actual song is pretty impressive. John Fatum’s raspy voice is reminiscent of Dr. John’s and it highlights his role as narrator of the night. The use of a more pronounced horn section peppered throughout the song adds to the brass band and funk feel. The placement of Alden Harris McCoy’s guitar solo carries the song as it shifts from the chorus to the bridge to the chorus. We’re looking forward to seeing what other eclectic tracks will be presented when the album is released on May 13th via Dala Records.


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Article: Alx Bear


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