Unless you’re really hardcore, you’re probably not enjoying the heatwave that hit the city last night. Now that the dreaded Saturday has arrived, we can officially welcome the crazy-hot New York weather we were kind of hoping would skip a year. But if your studio walk-up feels way toastier than usual, don’t fret! We’ve got an ultra-chill playlist to keep you cool all weekend.


“It’s Too Darn Hot” by Ella Fitzgerald (RAC Mix) – Ella knows how you feel. Written by Cole Porter in 1948 and famously covered by Fitzgerald in 1956, this song is a jazzy, summer essential. And just to mix things up, this sultry version by modern-day electronic artist RAC pours the classic vocals into a whole new groove.


“Wordless Chorus” by My Morning Jacket – It doesn’t get much cooler than this. MMJ’s beachy “aaaahs” hit you like a perfect breeze, and Jim James’ delivery is unforgettable. This live Okonokos version is a particularly special one – the perfect escape from this sweltering weekend.


“I Love The Rain” by The Real Tuesday Weld – Who doesn’t? If you could go for some chilly, rainy day goosebumps right now, then The Real Tuesday Weld can get you pretty close to the real thing. This retro track has a built-in, puddle-stomping bounce, which is perfect for imagining you’re not melting in a 102-degree apartment building right now.


“A Summer Song” by Chad & Jeremy – In the world of New York City, the humid air barely moves. But in the world of Chad & Jeremy, the trees are swaying in an actual summer breeze. This 1964 performance on American Bandstand is bursting with all the good vibes of the era and sure to cool you down for a bit.


“Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” by Vampire Weekend – “Is your sweater on? Do you wanna fuck?” are the words that sail over this seaside beat. With just a few simple questions, Ezra Koenig captures the kind of sweater-weather summer nights you’d probably much rather be having. Let Vampire Weekend take you away from the horrors of window AC units and scorching sidewalks.


“True Affection” by The Blow – The pops and snaps of this track are too cool for school, and the bubbly, nautical imagery is almost as good as a real dip in the ocean. The wall of heat outside your door will feel miles away when you close your eyes and dive into the beat with The Blow.


“Rice Rain” by Cashmere Cat – Staying with the bubbly vibe, Cashmere Cat is here to please. The crisp, fluid beats of their rice-filled storm sound like some kind of magic. If you really let yourself get immersed, you might even be able to pretend those are raindrops on your window rather than condensation.


“Octopus’s Garden” by The Beatles (Ringo Starr) – “I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden, in the shade.” Seriously, what could be better than that? In this Abbey Road classic, Ringo leads us into an undersea world where the fishies are happy to see us, and there’s not a sunburn in sight.


“Water Fountain” by tUnE-yArDs – The brilliant Merrill Garbus captures the struggle perfectly on Nikki Nack, as this afrobeat jam riffs on drought, heat, and a wild hunt for water. With a sound as vibrant as this, there’s no better way to shake yourself out of that summer daze.


“Cool, Cool Water” by The Beach Boys – This quintessential Beach Boys song may be the best bet to invigorate you on this steamy Saturday. Released on 1970’s Sunflower, it’s a trippy little journey to an island that is definitely not Manhattan. Splash into these far-out harmonies and ride out the hot spell all weekend.


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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