Most guitarists take into consideration what guitars their favorite musicians play before making a leap into purchasing an instrument. No metal-head is walking out of a guitar shop with a Rickenbacker and no shoe-gazer is leaving with a B.C. Rich. I have cherished my Epiphone Casino for years, bought specifically because I saw the Beatles playing them in photographs and John using one for the Rooftop Concert. Guitar manufacturers recognized the demand and this led to Artist models being released for guitarists wanting to purchases their instruments to the exact specifications of their favorite artists. You want a backwards headstock like Jimi, you got it, you want one Seymour Duncan Defender pickup in the bridge position and a single volume knob, Ok Tom Delonge, you got it.

So it is great news that Annie Clark is releasing a St. Vincent Artist model through Ernie Ball’s Music Man line of guitars. The guitar features the erratic lines and gestures that perfectly match her stage presence, while being playable enough for her to shred on (if you’ve seen her live, you can attest to this). Per the Ernie Ball release it features “an African mahogany body, Ernie Ball Music Man tremolo, gunstock oil and hand-rubbed rosewood neck and fingerboard, St. Vincent inlays, Schaller locking tuners, 5-way pick up selector with custom configuration and 3-mini humbuckers, the guitar […] will retail for $1899. January 25th sees the release of the Sterling By Music Man model, which is available in Classic Blue (Vincent Blue) for $599.”  Pre-orders start on March 3rd.



It’ll be available in four different colors (Stealth Black, Tobacco Burst, Heritage Red and Polaris White), and each style is slightly varied making each a unique experience. As an added bonus, she calls the Polaris White one the Thin White Duke, which means you get to pretend to be as cool as St. Vincent (you aren’t though) and honor David Bowie (which you should do everyday).

Stealth Black

Tobacco Burst

Heritage Red

Polaris White


Check out some cool behind-the-scenes videos below



Article: Christopher Gilson



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