A barren stretch of California desert becomes the dust-covered stage for this hauntingly beautiful single, conceived by Keith Zarriello’s long-running rock/folk/soul band, The Shivers (formed in 2001 in NYC), of which he is the primary member. Today, we’re honored to premiere this brand new video for “The Dirty Shed,” directed by L.A. filmmaker Tara Violet Niami, who uses the arid scenery to explore feelings of emptiness and abandonment inherent in cases of childhood sexual assault.

Zarriello’s pure vocals sear into focus in the desolate setting, and once he starts singing, you’re with him until the end. According to the singer, the song is just one way he hopes to “take the punches” for victims of sexual abuse – and the vision for the video was borne out of the same fight. Said director Niami in preparation for the shoot, “This gorgeous song tells the story of the taboo subject of childhood sexual assault and it is a testament to overcoming trauma. We want to make a powerful video set in a location of abandonment, that interprets this act as a loss of innocence through poetic imagery…This video will make a statement to survivors of childhood abuse and sexual assault survivors. It will open up a conversation to the impact such events have on a person.”

“The Dirty Shed” foreshadows a strong perspective for The Shivers’ forthcoming full-length album, Grey Romantic, to be released on 2/14. Interestingly, this marks the second Valentine’s Day release date from the band since 2015’s Forever Is a Word. Don’t miss their album release show at Music Hall of Williamsburg next Saturday, 2/18. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to The Jed Foundation, a nonprofit working to prevent suicide and promote emotional health in young people. Tickets are available here.


Article: Olivia Isenhart


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