Pancakes And Whiskey is happy to share this video premiere from San Diego’s Cody Lovaas called “Lie.” With its insanely catchy beat and lyrics that flow like the Pacific Ocean, “Lie” washes over us and in turn, just makes us feel good. As we witness Cody live the life of a Southern-California teenager in the video, we realize that he’s just a normal dude who likes to skate and hang out with girls, but his musical prowess is that of someone twice his age. The soulfulness that oozes from Cody in this track is impressive and will go a long ways in the bright future that he has.


The meaning of my song, “Lie” is choosing honesty over manipulation, but there is also a side of the song that is just wanting to be 18 and not take certain parts of life too seriously. This video really shows that side of the song as I am out skating with my friends, hanging out with girls, and performing my music. Picking the locations that we shot in this video was very easy for me because if I’m not working on music or in the studio, I am in or near the ocean. All of the scenes in this music video are very authentic and true to my life.” – Cody Lovaas


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Cover Image: Keelee Lovaas




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