Sometimes it just takes one cool song to start the day off right, and thanks to ST.MARTiiNS, we’re all in good shape today. The up-and-coming indie group, hailing from Scotland, are out with a brand new video for their catchy, sun-drenched single, “othr grls,” and we’re stoked to premiere it on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The grainy, home-movie footage that accompanies the tune is not only an awesome throwback – but one that’s filled with puppies. That’s right; showing off “some of the furrier band members that fill out the group,” ST.MARTiiNS’ new video features the band and man’s best friend, jamming outside in the sunlight, and it makes the whole song feel like paradise.

Cleverly, though, the lyrics you’re dancing to are darker and deeper than you might initially realize. “’othr grls’ encompasses the feeling of disillusionment with others around you,” explained the band. “It is about that sinking realization that most of your relationships with people don’t matter. We wanted the video to contrast the lyrics, because dogs don’t let you down like people do.”

We have a feeling this band won’t let us down either. You can watch the new video right here on P&W, and check out ST.MARTiiNS on Spotify and Facebook. Their new EP, bad w/ her, will be unveiled this Friday, June 23rd, and it’s well worth a spin, so don’t miss it.


Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Image: Caitlin Miller



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