There isn’t a better way to go into a long weekend than to have a catchy song stuck in your head, and with Phil Pickens’ new video called “So Good,” we get exactly that.

Starting with a simple rhythm consisting of a guitar and a hi-hat, Pickens’ vocals come at us like a friendly carnival barker trying to hawk his wares. We are intrigued as the images of fellow humans splash across the screen, evoking the passion and meanings of the lyrics with small, but memorable facial actions. The music picks up in tempo a few measures in, complete with horns, that opens up wide into a head-swaying romp that really makes us feel good when the chorus rings “you’re so good, so good to me.”

The Georgia bred Pickens has resided in our fair city for the last decade and pulls from his southern roots to make his unique folk-rock sound, but has that definitive NYC edge that we all know and love. If this track gets you excited, then wait until October 13th when he drops his debut album named Cathedrals and if you don’t want to wait, then head over to Rockwood Stage 3 tonight (630pm doors) to see this special band live – TICKETS HERE.


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Cover Image: Ashley Grombol



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