At 6 songs, The Bright Life by The Break Lights, is nearly a full LP and is an incredible offering full with alt-rock goodness along with unique and inspiring vocals.

Starting off with the feel-good mid-tempo “Why Don’t You Call Me,” we first take notice of the distinct vocal stylings of Jake Roggenkamp that soars above the hammering bassline and jangly guitar work. Following is more of a slow-rolling ballad with “Step Into The Light,” that showcases the bands’ ability to harmonize with voice and instruments alike. “Good Times” follows with more of an alt-rock-garage-y sound that gets our heads bopping; then the soulful “You Get Me” brings us back to the simpler times in music history when all you needed was a good hook and chorus and it was a hit.

The EP’s title track “The Bright Life” brings acoustic and old-time sounding guitars along with a killer harmonica breakdown and is possibly the finest song on the album – and we think that if 1969 had a baby with 1994, this is what it would sound like. The album ends with “Holiest Ghost” and highlights the incredible and pained vocals that are jaw-dropping when laid over the seemingly gentle and beautiful music.


“The Bright Life EP is a collection of songs that bring internal thoughts and feelings to light instead of being consumed by them. The truth isn’t always easy to hear or say but allows for growth and a clear path forward rather than being misled by lies.” – The Break Lights


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