We are excited to premiere the new EP from Welsh Avenue today called New Ways, which is out today (7-12-19). The album is a dreamy and meandering ride on top of pianos and synths that dominate the sound from start to finish.

New Ways EP


Starting with a simple, but yet, emotional instrumental piano ballad in the “Intro/Open Book Pt. 1” we get ready for an emotional trip, but the tables get turned in the following track “Open Book Pt. 2” with layered synths with a mid tempo beat and a plea from Mark DiLillo to ‘Ask me anything, you can go down deep…So ask me anything tonight, I’m an open book.”

The title track, “New Ways” comes in faster and gets the feet tapping as a message of change is relayed with wonderful storytelling and a deft imagination. “The Fervor Master” follows and at this point we realize that the production of the EP is fantastic and neatly balances the weaving synths and pianos, with the vocals and percussion.

“Two-Door Coupe” is next up and brings with it a happy pop vibe that reminds us of a proper song from an 80’s soundtrack with tons of unique percussion. The final track “Disco Moon” is an upbeat track with a disco beat that, once again, glimmers in its production value highlighting the many coatings of synths that make us want to dance.

“I moved to Austin a few years ago to pursue music. The things I have learned and experience along the journey so far inform the album, especially navigating the ups and downs of life an aspiring artist.” – Mark DiLillo


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