For a rock-and-roll song oozing with this much charisma, there’s nothing better than seeing it reflected in the faces of the boys making the noise. Eyeing the camera head on with little more than a white background and an unabashed urge to dance, the four members of Vista Kicks are a blast to watch in their newest music video, created for fan favorite “Gimme Love,” which we’re excited to premiere on Pancakes & Whiskey this morning.

The repeat-worthy song from Booty Shakers Ball is made even more lovable with this contagiously happy video of the band rocking out and goofing around – surely as natural as breathing for these four, who have been close friends and fellow music lovers since kindergarten. Highlights include some killer air-drumming, slow-motion hair-flipping, and lead singer Derek Thomas getting buried in a blanket right as he sings the line, “Emmylou, you slept without a blanket, you tossed and turned throughout the night.”

As the song’s infectious chorus pleads, “Love, gimme love, gimme something to believe in,” it’s easy to give Vista Kicks just that – especially when you see how much they enjoy every little bit of the music they’ve cooked up together. Love was, in fact, a key piece of the band’s message when we interviewed them over whiskey just last month. “People should love each other more. Love themselves more,” they told us, adding, “Freedom of expression, too. Just not feeling tied down.” If you’re feeling tied down in the least, “Gimme Love” will have you dancing untethered like you’re right there rocking with them.


You can follow Vista Kicks on Facebook and Twitter for more updates, and read our full interview with the band here, including details about their upcoming second record.


Article: Olivia Isenhart



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