Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the new single called “Jaws,” from Brooklyn’s own, Noble Kids. The tune is the second single off their forthcoming sophomore LP, entitled Messy Pretty and is due out on 2-22-19, which you can pre-order right HERE.

“Jaws” starts with syncopated bass and guitar lines that gets the head nodding and feet tapping. A clear and strong singing voice soon follows that delivers heartfelt lines about love lost while trying to find happiness in a dark situation; something most of us have experienced. The easy-going, but conflicting nature of the single, fully wraps itself around the listener and makes for a memorable spin that will have you coming back for more.

Messy Pretty out 2-22-18


The song talks about staying in a relationship that’s all but fallen apart, just to extract the smallest amount of happiness from it even if the rest is toxic or harmful. It describes wanting to feel like you belong in someone else’s world. Definitely one to make you sad and super happy all at the same time.” – Noble Kids


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