Start your morning with an insanely catchy and satisfying fuck-you to a certain sniffing, corrupt U.S. president – the newest music video from Matt Jaffe, which we’re utterly psyched to premiere on Pancakes & Whiskey today. The Cali-based singer-songwriter/guitarist worked with acclaimed indie animator Bill Plympton on this killer visual treat; a music video as vibrant, addictive, and savagely witty as the song itself. Not only that, but it features beloved late Star Wars heroine Carrie Fisher, drawn in classic Princess Leia attire, denouncing Trump as he flees a golf course with the devil and a witch, appropriately. “The song is ‘Wicked World,’ inspired by Carrie Fisher’s statement after the second presidential debate that Mr. Trump was on cocaine,” Jaffe said of the fifth track on his 2018 album, The Spirit Catches You. “The video also features Patty Hearst, Moses, and Pagliacci among others in a colorful ensemble cast.”


“For Wicked World, I wanted to take you all the way back to 2016,” explained Jaffe. “A time when Carrie Fisher was still alive. A time when Donald Trump hadn’t yet transitioned from villain to supervillain. A time when Carrie accused Donald of doing cocaine after one of his debate performances. The jury may still be out on that one, but here at the Matt Jaffe Corporation, we’re inclined to side with the late Princess Leia Organa (*General* Organa?). Anyhow, this song pretty much wrote itself after I read what Carrie Fisher said. In order to make it come to life, I turned to the amazing Oscar-nominated animator Bill Plympton. This is the second video to accompany my recent album release, The Spirit Catches You.”


You can check out Matt Jaffe’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates about his music. Catch him live on one of his NY-area tour dates below.


Upcoming Tour Dates:

Many San Francisco Bay Area shows between now and his June tour of the East Coast.

June 19 – Cafe Nine – New Haven

June 20 – National Sawdust – Brooklyn – with Wicked World animator Bill Plympton

June 22 – Turning Point – Piermont NY

June 23 – Rockland-Bergen Music Festival – Tappan NY – opening for John Prine

Other East Coast shows to be announced on Matt Jaffe’s site soon.




Article: Olivia Isenhart



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