We are excited to premiere the new single from Valentin Marx called “Last Time” today. Gentle and melodic guitar notes start off the expansive tune and then we hear a pristine, but seemingly wounded voice start to sing. We listen intently as a kick-drum adds drama and depth to the powerful and candid lyrics that float above the lush instruments for the rest of the track. It’s the type of song you want to immediately press play again as the complex structure of the track demands it.

We look forward to more music from this talented NYC band and will keep and eye on local dates, in the meantime if you’re in the LA area on February 15th, be sure to check out their set at Hotel Café.


“The song is basically a reflection on how aggressively I was alienating the people around me who cared the most,  a common consequence of the type of lifestyle I was living.  These days, being in a much better place, the song has  taken on a much more positive note, as I’ve fortunately been able to mend a lot of those fences.  But part of what  makes living a different life possible is staying in touch with where you have been.  So far, the song has really resonated, and I love that so many people can see themselves in a struggle that at times seemed like only my own. It was written during a really dark period of my life, buried deep in drug abuse and a wealth of personal problems.” – Andrew Kissel


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