We are beyond excited to premiere the new single from Local Nomad today called “Getting Old Is A Bitch.” “Getting Old Is A Bitch” starts with a deep bassline and percussion that’s juxtaposed with jangly guitar and Michael Desmond’s smooth, soulful delivery that immediately gets the feet tapping. The groove is irresistible at first, and the tune only evolves from there; sweeping and airy synths float to the top where they converge with the lyrics, creating an aural treat. At the apex, when you think the song has given you all it can, a blistering guitar solo comes out of nowhere completing the seemingly genre-less track.


If you’re digging “Getting Old Is A Bitch” (pre-save HERE) like us, then you are in luck as Local Nomad has a self-titled EP due out on 6-19-20, and we couldn’t be more excited in these times of uncertainty.

Getting Old Is A Bitch


“’Invecchiare è una cagna’ – getting old is a bitch – is something I’ve heard my grandma say my entire life. She is a 91-year-old Italian immigrant who made it through the Great Depression, the loss of her husband, breast cancer and fought for her family every step of the way. She talks about the life that she wished she could have had and what being a woman at the turn of the century was like. ‘Getting Old is a Bitch’ is a satirical song that reflects on inner youth and the unstoppable force of aging over time. This song is about acceptance of the past and understanding that although life comes with pain, it’s all about being grateful for what we do have. “Round and round the sun we go. When it stops nobody really knows. There ain’t no getting used to it. Getting old is a bitch.” – Local Nomad


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Cover Image: Christina Fiorino



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