The ticking of a clock rhythmically strums as a silhouette looks out into the vast void of the ocean. A color palette of blues and grays and a cold January day create a calm yet somber mood throughout Hnry Flwr’s newly released video for “Waiting Room.”

“Waiting Room” was written as Hnry Flower, aka David Van Witt, sat waiting for his bandmate in a pediatric cancer clinic under the fluorescent lights of an actual waiting room. “Between the battle for his life and an intense breakup I just had, I was in a terrible space,” Van Witt explains. 

As he was sitting in that waiting room, a volunteer clown came in to fill the room with happiness, putting smiles on the kids’ faces. “That moment shook me,” Van Witt remembers, “seeing sick children finding joy helped me find my own joy amid the darkness.”

Hnry Flwr’s idea of an infinite void of love and wonder is a strong theme for this music video. We see shots of Van Witt edging closer to the water as time goes on interspersed between shots of passionate gestures and longing stares. By the end, the ocean has surrounded him as he gives into the feeling of love and lets it consume the darkness within him. 

The message of this song and this video are relevant to our current situation as people are trying to find the bliss hidden among the pandemic. This video is a chilling reminder that we need to focus on the parts of life that are the most important. 

“Breakups and cancer aren’t contagious, but love is,” Van Witt says.

Hnry Flwr by Hailley Howard


Article: Melissa Blitz



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