IDLES – that joy-inducing Bristol band responsible for some of our favorite live show experiences – just put out a super-catchy new song and music video called “Mr. Motivator,” the first single from their forthcoming third LP (due out later this year). Clearly designed for pumping iron or dancing Bobo-style in patriotic spandex, the single is a guitar-driven burst of positivity for this quarantined and couch-potato-y world. As we all await a cure for that horrible thing, at least we have an energizing cure for stir-crazy laziness, courtesy of IDLES in their usual witty form.

Featuring both band-sourced and fan-sourced footage, the self-directed video seems to have been put together during lockdown. Observant fans are already pointing out cameos in the video, including many AF Gang members, Heavy Lungs frontman Danny Nedelko (00:29) and possibly Dutch athlete Wim Hof (00:45). Of course, you’ll also find IDLES’ Joe Talbot (1:34, warming up his neck muscles), Adam Devonshire (1:07, on the floor eating noodles), Mark ‘Bobo’ Bowen (00:34, meditating), Lee Kiernan (1:56, modeling a terrific green leotard), and Jon Beavis (2:14, doing a Macarena-esque arm workout).

If you dig all the characters and social commentary found in other IDLES songs – like “Colossus,” “Well Done,” and “Stendhal Syndrome” – wait until you hear how many people pop up in the lyrics of “Mr. Motivator.” Prepare to become acquainted with “Conor McGregor with a samurai sword on rollerblades,” and “Flava Flav in the club riding on the back of John Wayne.” The line, “It’s all about the confidence / You’re Joe Cal-fucking-zaghe” even comes with a new t-shirt designed by Joe.

Frontman Joe Talbot stated in yesterday’s press release, “We want to start this journey with a means to not only encapsulate the album’s sentiment, but to encourage our audience to dance like no one is watching and plough through these dark times with a two tonne machete of a song and the most beautiful community of scumbags ever assembled. Let’s go. All is love.”

If you’re winding down after the exuberant calisthenics that ensue with such an adrenalizing groove, we’ve got some chill reading material for you: check out our in-depth interview with Joe from back in the day, which is uplifting in other ways. Don’t forget to grab “Mr. Motivator” right here and burn some calories to this addictive quarantune today.



Article: Olivia Isenhart



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