Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the new video from The Dragon Berries called “Nectarine” today. With the current atmosphere, it’s becoming more important to find music that makes us feel good and can offer a getaway of sorts and “Nectarine” does just that. With everybody being isolated as of late, the Austin, TX band decided to just DIY the video and the results are cheeky and is a contrast to the song’s more serious tone.

“Nectarine” starts with chunky/choppy guitar licks and rumbling bass that builds a foundation for the free-flowing lyrics that escalate in intensity as the song progresses. When we think the tune is going in one direction they change it up on us with the aforementioned intensity and then lush choruses that makes us want to sing along. With noticeable tempo changes and a knack for combining different rock genres, this single gets us revved up for The Dragon Berries new EP, And The Moon Turned Red, which is due out on 7-10-20.

The Dragon Berries


“The video concept and production was of course dictated by the current situation. We all live in different parts of Austin so we each got footage in our homes, getting as creative as we could be within these confines, and inherently it became sort of a “quarantine” style video. But we wanted to create a nostalgic, 90’s VHS type of aesthetic. Connor has an old VHS camera that we used some and luckily Reid is skilled with video editing so he was able to apply this effect throughout the video. The video itself doesn’t necessarily tell the story of the lyrics. In fact, we think the video juxtaposes nicely with the relatively serious tone of the song because there were plenty of moments where we just wanted to be goofy and entertaining.”  – The Dragon Berries


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