We’ve been digging the new single/video from The Bottom Dollars called “Eye Of A Radio,” which is off the band’s brand new LP entitled Marvelous and think you’ll be equally enamored with the unique song. The simple video, shot by cellphone and produced by Sean Spada (keys); features Cherch, Berg and Sean’s co-conspirator in DRT (Cherrye J. Davis aka Skurt Vonnegut Jr Jr Jr Jr of Deathrow Tull) as she walks around a nearly empty and eerie NYC, which is a stark contrast to the locomotive type qualities of the tune.

Marvelous LP out now


The track starts with an aggressive drum beat that builds as the guitar revs up to full speed, then the bass drops real low as some DEVO-esque keys appear out of nowhere, which lays a perfect base for the cutting and breathy lyrics that intensify as the song builds. When the chorus’ starts, the wall of noise drops completely so we only hear drums and urgent lyrics so when the band drops back in, the effect is excellent. As the song closes it seems like there’s 4 guitars, and more than a few keyboards whizzing all around making this a song that must be heard on quality headphones, which is a nod to the tremendous production/engineering/mixing by Tim O’Sullivan (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Anderson Paak, Childish Gambino).


In addition to rocking out, this band is made up of amazing human beings that are activists that want to make a difference. We at Pancakes And Whiskey are here to champion anyone in the music scene that is fighting the good fight against police brutality and rampant racism, we share and agree with their messages below.



“We’ve reached an important precipice within this vigilant and beautiful movement for justice. The fight for egalitarianism is a war that runs back millennia; it’s not lost on us that this is far from the end of our work as a society. We must listen to our leaders in the Black Community. We must raise our voices, give our bodies in presence, and combine our collective intellects to push these initiatives forward: educating and informing the negligent and giving union to our collective ethos. To quote Angela Davis, “we have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.”

We all must implement immediate social and systemic change in all levels of governmental structure. We all must institute black humanity through equal protection of the law: paving a path forward to support and nurture continuable black excellence. Human lives are not and will never be sacrificial entities.

Police reformation is not just necessary, it’s mandatory. Conviction for Derek Chauvin and the 3 other MPD accomplices to George Floyd’s murder is imperative. We echo this judicial demand for the murders of Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown and the numerous other victims of unchecked police brutality.  Implicit bias is societal cognitive dissonance and it must be vaccinated.

In this moment, it is integral to not only speak out, but to stand up in order to initiate real change. Borrowing from Dr. King; “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny.”  — Brian “Cherch” Cherchiglia (vocals, guitar)

Cherch would like you to donate to:

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Black Lives Matter

The Movement For Black Lives (MB4L)


“I am addressing the NYCHA repair-work-order backlog in NYC’s public housing developments and addressing the violation-ridden Cluster Housing program for homeless individuals.  That is my goal as an expediter and real estate consultant.”  Chris Urriola (bass)

Chris would like you to donate to:

Coalition for the Homeless


“We’re all exhausted. None of us more so than those most effected by what’s happened over the past 3 months and over the past 400 years. People are tired and angry and tired of being angry. The current intent within Chicago is to defund and disarm the CPD, remove them from our school systems, sporting events, outdoor activities and our streets.  Fuck police brutality.  Black lives matter.”  — Evan “Buffalo” Berg (Drums, Guitar, Bass)

Berg would like you to donate to:

Chicago Community Bond Fund


“The concept of what police are needs to change. They aren’t a crime prevention apparatus – they are a punishment apparatus.

When black men and women in this country can’t jog to improve their health, bird watch, walk down the street in a sweatshirt, stand on their own porch, sit in their own apartments or bear witness to crimes they have seen without being killed: it’s clear that black bodies are and have been historically criminalized.

Racism/White Supremacy has been a tool (frankly, an excuse) to protect the status quo. Racism (in America, specifically) has abided in keeping the powerful protected by demonizing, punishing, and killing black persons for half of a millennia.

I stand with heroes, those who hold the country to its promise and fight to hold us all accountable to that promise, our words and our actions. Those heroes realize that the American Revolution hasn’t ended & that the Civil War isn’t over until all Americans are free.

Black Lives Matter is so important because this isn’t the land of the free unless everyone is free. This is everyone’s fight. It’s everyone’s job to uplift and fight for black life. Non-participation and white silence does nothing but uphold the status quo and its tools of power and systemic abuse. Speak up. Speak LOUD.”  — Mick Greenwood (bass, guitar)

Mick wants you to donate to:

Black Lives Matter (Global Network)


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