We are excited to premiere the newest single today from Julia Bhatt entitled “Birdgirl.” As soon as you hit play, “Birdgirl” hits you with a snappy backbeat that is highlighted by a repeating guitar riff, soaring keys and thumping bass. The real magic starts as soon as Julia delivers her well-crafted lines, that are brought forth with an exuberant urgency that makes us smile and dance at the same time.

Julia Bhatt


“‘Bird Girl’ is about feeling more at home with yourself than with any place. I wrote it when I was feeling somewhat displaced, like I could go anywhere and nobody would notice. That feeling is actually kinda comforting for me. The idea that there are communities all around the world, having no relation to you, is awesome. You can get away from your problems and go somewhere else.” – Julia Bhatt

Bird Girl single art Violet Handforth


Hailing out of Miami, Julia Bhatt has been impressively busy the last year and has brought forth 5 distinct singles that could all be thrown into different genres; but there is always one key element and that is her powerful vocals and the unique way she delivers them. Producer and mentor Elliot Jacobson, (Elle King, Ingrid Michaelson, Verite), states that “We started Bird Girl in January 2019, experimenting a lot with the production, changing sounds dramatically over time until things were feeling right. In July 2020, just before mixing, Julia texted asking me to strip the track down as much as I possibly could, “even if that means changing core parts”. It was the best call. Her instincts are razor sharp, beginning to end.”  Lucky for us, we won’t have to wait long for more music from this promising artist as she plans on releasing an EP this October.


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