We can’t resist hard-rocking quarantunes when they come our way, so we are thrilled to premiere this fresh new song and music video from The F-Use entitled “For the Love of God.” This banger was written and recorded entirely by frontman Matthew Estevez from his home studio “soon after the pandemic crisis took hold,” which explains the stir-crazy, frustrated energy that fuels its fast riffs. In his grungy timbre – which constantly teeters on the edge of an ear-pleasing scream – Estevez expresses a lockdown-era feeling that many of us are surely experiencing: “Stuck inside a cage I’m not getting out alive / Feeling so invisible when nothing is alright.”

The eye-catching black-and-white music video squarely matches the song’s frenetic mood. Estevez appears burnt out on lockdown life and soon realizes that his own head has become a TV. Clips of him attempting to yank it off are spliced between fisheye lens footage that swirls around his vicious drumming, shredding, and singing.

“I wrote ‘For The Love Of God’ in a time of desperation, a time where I could scream at the top of my lungs and nobody would hear me,” Estevez told P&W. “The song was recorded in my house, in the thick of the quarantine; drums in the living room, vocals in a spare room, guitar and bass in my bedroom plugged into my laptop. It felt comforting recording in a safe space along with two close friends engineering the sessions as we dealt with life in quarantine through music.”


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Video made by 104° Collective 

Directors: Cole Bankston and Morgan Domaradzki 

Director of Photography: Lyv Kenney 

Colorist/Gaffer: Nico Oberle 

Editor: Cole Bankston 



Article: Olivia Isenhart



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