“I think we just draw empathetic scumbags to the table, and it feels great, you know? I’m in love with it,” said IDLES frontman Joe Talbot last time we caught up on the phone. “It’s a really strange bunch of people that seems to have congregated around us, and it feels good; it feels right.” His words have stuck with us like the memories of their supercharged live shows – and we’re some of the empathetic scumbags who will be coming to the table for their lock-in sessions at Abbey Road Studios this weekend. Kicking off on Saturday, August 29th, IDLES will play three performances at the historic location, livestreaming both hits and new gems for fans around the globe. Make sure you grab tickets here beforehand; there’s even a bundle for all three shows, and ticketholders can enjoy the footage for 48 hours after the stream.

IDLES at Abbey Road


The beloved Bristol band has also revealed the three lock-in session setlists in advance (check them out below). We can already assure you that their forthcoming third LP, Ultra Mono (due for release on September 25th), is addictive and brilliant, so we’re excited to see them play one of the new songs live during each show. If you really want to score a win (badda badda bing), you should preorder the new record here while you’ve got your wallet out. Trust us – we’ll explain why when possible – you’re going to love it.

Lock-In Session setlists


Back in the day, we’d say “see you in the crowd” or something similar at this point, but we’ll sign off with a more accurate “join you virtually for the experience.” Even so, we’re confident that IDLES can make these shows feel massive and unifying, as they always do. Tide yourself over this week by checking out their new music video – directed by brothers Michel and Olivier Gondry – for “Model Village.”



Article: Olivia Isenhart

Cover Photo: Shayne Hanley



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