This serenely sweet song from The Copper Trees is one that sticks in your mind. Today, we’re excited to premiere “First Light,” the second single from the duo’s debut album, Rêver, due out in spring 2021. Seattle’s Kate Neckel and Eric Lilavois deliver a stirring embodiment of their honest sound, opening with the relatable line, “Oh these lonely shattered ways / What I’d do, to put them in their shallow graves.” Both the melody and sentiment tug on your heartstrings – especially during the undaunted chorus: “Oh I’m so tired tonight, but I want to make this right / It just can’t wait till the morning.”

The Copper Trees


“‘First Light’ touches on the realization that no matter what, ultimately the sun will rise and fall, and is not subject to what we may be processing or experiencing. There’s a lot of vulnerability in that but a lot of determination too,” Eric told P&W. Kate then shared, “There is an urgency to the song, even though it’s very patient. It reminds me of many nights walking through NYC…from Chelsea to the Lower East Side, the city had my back and would stay awake with me even though I was walking alone, it was my first light.”

“Speaking to pace,” said Eric, “‘First Light” is a good example of how the songs move throughout the album, it’s a piece of the dream that ties the light and dark of the record together… We almost left this one off the album. Kate listened to the demo in her car and called me saying, ‘Wait – we need this on the album!’ It was a true producer moment where she recognized how important the song was to the overall arc of the record. We went back into the studio in September, and actually ended up using that demo as the baseline for the overdubs on the final track.”

The Copper Trees


Kate added, “Eric had the idea of my vocal being the equivalent of a first light…like the sun rising while it’s still dark, our voices coming together to let the other know even when you’re alone there’s a light there with you.” You can follow The Copper Trees on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates about their moving music. Check out our interview with The Copper Trees and their debut single/video, “Eyes” to tide you over until their debut album, Rêver, hits shelves in spring 2021.


Article: Olivia Isenhart

Photos: Ryan Cory



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