Share the excitement of getting to know a skilled rocker (like we did in 2019) and being the first to hear his newest work. You’ve landed on a sweet single and music video from Jack Skuller that we’re psyched to premiere on P&W today. “Anyhow,” from Skuller’s forthcoming EP, My Disappearing Act (due out on August 6th, 2021), has an everything-is-gonna-be-fine kind of melody that feels just right for this moment. Lyrically, it morphs from relatable to surreal in its opening verse – “Remember when we thought that love had stopped / We bent the law and fell out of time / Trespassed until we were led somewhere / To a solitary house in the sky” – and continues to intrigue. Skuller sings with warmth on the summery track, which was produced by Don DiLego, who also contributed percussion and guitars. With Skuller on vocals, guitar, and bass, Scott Campbell on drums, and both Mike Kuzan and Michael Hess on keys, “Anyhow” has a nice textured sound.



Equally textured, the video for “Anyhow” features a layer of film grain that complements the song’s nostalgic vibe. Clearly filmed in recent history, the Asbury Park, NJ footage shows masked beachgoers on the boardwalk in a fast hyperlapse, layered with ghostly-cool clips of Skuller running in slow motion. “We will get to where we’re goin’ / Straight ahead we will be found,” Skuller sings in an encouraging tone. Spinning with wide eyes and jumping, he remains visually separate from the crowd and appears to race between the scenery. Historic spots like the Beaux-Arts Carousel Building are blended with flashes of love locks and street art by Dee Dee, ONEQ, Indie184, Norm Kirby, Amberellaxo, and Shepard Fairey. A solitary glove left behind atop a fence seems to hold extra symbolism in the presence of lyrics like “How about the times that we shadowed sun / With Rushmore tears falling like rain / Pining away for the only one.”

Jack Skuller


According to the press release, “Skuller wrote the song after experiencing a harrowing car accident in a snowstorm, while on tour in Montana. Luckily, tragedy and serious injury were averted. But immediately after the accident, the shaken-up Skuller had to perform a two-hour concert.” Skuller recalled, “I was thankful to be alive, although I couldn’t make sense of what was happening. It was strange to be in a theater that night. The accident made me realize what matters most while you are on this planet: moving forward, embracing creativity, and being with the people you love.” You can watch right here and follow Jack Skuller on Instagram, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter for more updates about his thoughtful music.



Article: Olivia Isenhart



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