Painted Shield just shared a deep music video to accompany their memorable new single, “4th of July,” that you don’t want to miss. The ultra-talented group – comprised of Mason Jennings, Stone Gossard, Matt Chamberlain, and Brittany Davis – also announced a full-length LP due for release in 2022 via Gossard and Regan Hagar’s Loosegroove Records. Following the success of last year’s self-titled debut album, we can’t wait to hear more of their meaningful music and rhythm section perfection. That groovy Gossard goodness melts with Chamberlain’s vigorous drumming on the impressive track, forming a rich foundation for singer/songwriter Jennings and keyboardist/singer Davis. The single artwork and music video were both created by Regan Hagar (who of course also played drums in Brad and Malfunkshun). Hagar layered drone footage of urban scenes devastated by bombings with clips of each band member in the impactful video.

“4th of July” single art by Regan Hagar


“The lyrics to this song were inspired by the stories of friends of mine who have served in the military,” explained Mason Jennings. “It touches on the recovery work needed to integrate back into civilian life after being in conflict. Also, most of my friends who joined the military were coming from troubled homes and were looking to find a ‘way out’ by joining. This song is about bringing these inner children home to get the love they never received, as well as sending love to the actual children affected by war around the world everyday. There is a tension represented that I hope encapsulates and reflects the human struggle, the struggle for peace and love in the face of violence and fear.” Pearl Jam also shared today that the song “highlights the moral injury experienced by many service members as they return home from conflict. Their plight is only heightened by the current crisis facing Afghan combat interpreters who need to leave the country as the US withdraws,” linking to nonprofit No One Left Behind’s page for more information.

Painted Shield


“Yes. We are back,” said Stone Gossard. “This amazing collaboration has only just begun. Everyone has a hand on the new record with writing by Matt and Brittany playing a huge role in the scope of collection, Josh Evan’s cosmic production and of course Mason’s haunting, visceral stories. It’s got it all.” Follow Painted Shield on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify for more updates about their well-crafted work. You’ll also hear Painted Shield if you listen to Pearl Jam Radio on SiriusXM throughout the holiday weekend.


Article: Olivia Isenhart




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