And on the 7th day, the higher powers that be, created rock n’ roll and declared that Fridays need to rock. While that may be stretching it a bit, we here at P&W love to kick-start the weekend with some high-voltage rock and with the debut single/video from WHIT3 COLLR called “16 Sweet,” we are doing exactly that.



Hailing from Orange County California, WHIT3 COLLR is 17 year old Will Sawyer (lead vocals/guitar/bass) and his 16 year old friend Donovan Hess (percussion, backing vocals), bring us a high-octane rocker that hits hard from start to finish. Brimming with razor sharp, yet chunky guitar riffs, bombastic bass and locomotive-esque percussion, “16 Sweet” hits full steam when Sawyer hits notes reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne circa 1982. The fast-paced video, while simple, is a perfect pairing which sees the band wailing away in front of some fantastic street art and having fun, as teenagers should do. We’ll be keeping close tabs on this band and can’t wait what they come up with next, until ten we’ll have “16 Sweet” on repeat.


Follow WHIT3 COLLR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify and listen to “16 Sweet” HERE.



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