Pancakes And Whiskey is excited to premiere the lyric video from Gawain And The Green Knight called “Fingers,” which is off the folk-duo’s EP A Sleeping Place, that drops next week on 6-11-21. “Fingers” is a delicate and airy love song in the truest manner, and the video the pair made together is adorable, albeit a bit morbid. With a gentle reverb-y guitar, a touch of piano and a wallowing bowed-bass, the lyrics for “Fingers” are sung with a melismatic flair that make the vocals soar above the music – and we just can’t get enough of this honest and endearing tune.


For the video, I wanted to mimic the song in taking something as terrifying and awfully sad as mortality and making it almost… sweet and contained. The song itself sounds tiny, so miniature felt appropriate. I hadn’t made a diorama since I was in third grade (subject matter: “manatees!”) but “light-up shoebox cemetery” felt like the perfect visual for “Fingers,” a song that tries to sit with our inevitable deaths in what I hope comes across in a tender way. It was weirdly soothing to make- carving the floral foam to make a hill, shaping the little clay headstones, punching in the holes for the string light stars- so much so, that I’m going to go ahead and highly recommend that everyone sits down and makes a cutesy diorama of the thing they fear most. Filming it was also a fun collaboration with my bandmate and fiance, Mike, who the song is about! To get the zooming-out effect, he mounted a phone to a tabletop mic stand- and when the base of the mic stand proved too heavy to move smoothly, he dashed to the kitchen for some cooking oil and poured it on top of the table we were filming on. Given the intimate nature of the song, it felt really fitting that the lyric video just be something we could put our heads together the two of us to create. – Alexia Antoniou

Fingers Art


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