Today, Brooklyn-based duo, Almost Sex, release what is bound to be a summer jam. “Blue Heaven” is the duo’s 6th single they put out since starting to work together about a year ago.


Blue Heaven


“Blue Heaven” falls somewhere sonically between their two other most recent singles, “Eye to Eye” and “Lie Heartfelt.” “Lie Heartfelt” is an atmospheric indie pop tune that has the ability to make you feel like you’re vibing, late at night, in a dark club. “Eye to Eye” is on the other end of the spectrum – indie folk magic.

“Blue Heaven” combines those two sensations quite perfectly, showcasing wavy synths with twinkly back beats and a rhythm that will keep for foot tapping and your head nodding.

Here are a few examples of the perfect time to listen to “Blue Heaven” based on personal experience: while you go for your afternoon walk to pick up flowers for yourself; while you have your morning beverage on your fire escape; while you’re stuck inside working on a beautiful summer day and you want to pretend you’re not for about 4 minutes.

Just be prepared to play this song on repeat, it will happen.


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Article: Merissa Blitz


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