Interpol just released a new video for “Everything is Wrong,” directed by their very own Paul Banks. They recently announced a 2015 tour, we’re truly excited to see them in July!

The black and white beautifully captures three different prospectives from all three members (Paul Banks, Sam Fog, and Daniel Kessler) as they roam the streets of New York. It’s entertaining to see Paul Banks try and play a street slick, slime ball which is the direct opposite of his persona. While a beautiful girl catches Sam’s attention and Daniel meets up with friends, this video is wonderfully shot and cuts through concert moments with beautiful fans singing along. The video is truly endearing because you can see how much they’ve grown as a band and seeing them smile is probably the best thing ever because you can tell that they really do love what they do. Try and figure out where they filmed!

Article by: Karen Silva



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